How it started

Growing up, I saw my parents struggle to make ends meet, struggle to put food on the table sometimes. However, love, hope, and hard work kept us. So did random acts of kindness from loved ones and sometimes strangers. Many suffer around us, not by choice but as victims of circumstances. As a teenager I dreamed of setting up a charity to empower the less privileged, to imagine a future and be able to live it. As a planner by profession, I have acquired and applied useful skills in the effective and sustainable use of resources. Planning has gained a reputation for ensuring the effective management of spacial/land resources and development of some very beautiful, functional cities and communities, and some not so functional ones as well. When people live more quality lives, it helps to better sustain social, economic, and physical structures. This calls for more conscious efforts to eradicate poverty and make longer lasting impact in the lives of people.

Charities are always trying to raise funds to support worthy causes and transform lives. This led to the decision to begin by generating funds through a venture to support charitable/social initiatives. As a result, Reclam Inc. was birthed. 'Reclam' is the abridged form of 'Reclamation'; it encompasses the idea of reclaiming bottles and deposits for clients, reclaiming lives and ultimately helping to reclaim the welfare of our environment and society.

 - Grace

Our Vision

We encourage recycling and contribute to environmental and socio-economic sustainability. With proceeds from this service, we will feed the hungry, clothe people, shelter the homeless, and help make the sick well. Service will be provided in cities and towns across Canada. We will create jobs and avenues for people to contribute to development efforts in Canada and across borders.